Gripe Water, the medicine cabinet must have!

Baby girl is now toddler girl and running riot at nursery! As happy as I am that she’s taken to nursery and enjoying being in the company of other tots, I definitely do not enjoy the constant flow of a runny nose and minor medical blips that she comes home with! As you can imagine that trusty bottle of Calpol is never too far away!

Recently, toddler girl had a niggly belly ache and experienced a bout of diarrhoea, very unpleasant all round (will spare you the graphic details!). I was recommended to give her a few drops of Gripe Water and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Her stomach settled very soon after. After speaking to other mums near and far, it turns out that this magic potion has helped tots for more than just a belly ache!

It can also:

It treats acid reflux.
It treats trapped wind and gas
It can help with teething
It’s the oldest & most popular way to treat colic.

It has a pleasant taste which makes it easy to administer and you only require a few drops when needed.


Please do seek professional medical advice before taking any new product.

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