The Baby Box!

Go figure, with all the fancy wancy, super duper bassinette’s on the market ranging from many pounds to sky’s the limit, it turns out that a good ole cardboard box is all you need to ensure maximum safety and a good night’s sleep for your baby!



Our friends across the pond in Finland have been the pioneer behind the idea which boasts of the lowest cot death rate in the world!



The success of this idea has caught the attention of the National Health Service and a  few hospitals around the country are trialling the product and have started  giving away baby boxes to new mums! The feedback has been extremely successful and I have no doubt it will soon spread throughout the UK and given to all new mums.

If you can’t wait there are a few websites that sell the ‘The baby box’ and even come as part of a great presentation package which includes the box and lots of baby related items.

Watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for ‘the baby box’!



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