Crafts for kids at Kenwood House


With the summer holidays in full swing I’m sure many parents are in search for fun and exciting activities to keep the tots occupied and entertained.



On a beautiful summers day why not take a drive to Kenwood House where each month they will run creative workshops to bring Kenwood’s world famous paintings to life. Families will get to work together to try out different art and crafts whilst exploring the house and finding out more about its collections. Furthermore, when the day is particularly warm and sunny come prepared with a picknick and enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by the lush greenery and stunning grounds of the Hamsptead Heath extension.

Address: Hampstead Lane, Hampstead, NW3 7JR

Parking: there is a car park with a charge. However there is plenty of parking on nearby streets.

Time: 12pm – 4pm

Next Craft Event: 7th August 2016

Website for further dates:

Price: £1

Enjoy a wonderful day at a stunning English heritage site!


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