The Vtech Baby First Steps Walker, A great Buy!

We recently bought baby girl a walker. It was mind boggling to see the variety of options available! Wooden ones, plastic ones, metal frame ones, musical ones, detachable attachments, the list goes on! Anyway, after some research and asking my mummy friends we purchased the Vtech Baby First Steps Walker for £25 . It was very simply to assemble and required no nails or sharp fixtures. It’s also very easy to dissemble if the need arises.

Annoyingly baby girl gets bored very quickly of her toys which are now in a large sack and being used as a door stopper! Miraculously, the Vtech walker has so far kept up her interest and a big smile emerges when she crawls towards it. I’ve had for over several months now!
Its a great product and has plenty of learning features too!
vtech walker
Product Details
  • Sturdy design to support and nurture those first steps
  • Features a detachable learning centre packed with activities.
  • Shapes and light-up musical keys introduce letters, words, numbers, animals, colours, sing along songs and 8 melodies
  • Removable phone with beads for noisy role-play

My only disappointment with this product is that the removable telephone is not attached to a plastic wire like the other shames and therefore I am forever having to go on a treasure hunt around the home to find it!.

Without a doubt the Vtech first steps baby walker definitely encourages motor skills and has improved baby girls balance. I suspect she will be walking very soon thanks to her walker!


Amazon are currently charging £24.99 for the blue and yellow design but are doing a deal for the pink coloured walker at £19.99! A bargain and a saving of a fiver!

Vtech First Baby Steps Walker – Blue & Yellow

Vtech First Baby Steps Walker  – Pink

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