Baby Grobag deals on Amazon!

8 years ago a revolution was created that changed the way babies were put to sleep and I for one am forever grateful to the inventors!
Thank you for the brilliant grobag, an armless and headless sleeping bag that ensures a cosy and safe night’s sleep for baby! The design of the grobag also ensures that baby cannot kick anything over its head.

It truly has been our saviour especially in the first few months knowing that we were not over heating baby girl or making her feel too cold.
It’s a fantastic invention and comes in a variety of togs to ensure the perfect temperature. There’s no need to use any additional blanket or cover.
It’s important to check your room temperature and accordingly chose the correct tog. Therefore I suggest you always keep a thermometer at hand.


Another important point to bare in mind is to chose a Grobag that has side fasteners as opposed to a zip in the middle (front or back) as its easier to place the baby in it if they are already asleep.

The cost of grobags do vary from £12 to £45. When choosing the product do make sure that the material is 100% cotton and where there are zips and fasteners near the neck, that there is a buttoned flap for comport and no rubbing against the skin.


Amazon are having a deal with as much as £14 off on the Grobag. See highlighted links below for the best offer:

Tog 1.0 – Grobag Rascal Racoon 6 – 18 Months, was £34.00, now £19.95 saving of £14.05!

Tog 1.0 – Grobag Little Chief 6 – 18 Months, was £34.00, now £19.99 saving £14.01!

Tog 2.5 – Grobag Rascal Racoon 6 – 18 Months, was £34.00, n0w £17.94 saving of £16.06!

Tog 2.5 – Grobag Peek A Boo 6 – 18 Months, was £34.00, now £16.95 saving £17.05!

For cheaper options, Sportsdirect are having clearance sale and selling baby grow bags for less than £10 (do check the material)


Here’s hoping this has helped with a good night’s sleep for your baby and peace of mind for yourself! Night night all! ZZZzzzzzzz







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