Bank holiday sale- NimNik Baby Carrier Sling on Amazon

Amazon link: Bank holiday sale- Baby Carrier Sling on Amazon

It’s a wonderful feeling to be hands free with a baby! Amazon are having a promotional offer on the NimNik Baby Carrier at more than half price!!
Original price was £99, it’s now on offer for £41.99 (free delivery). A saving of £58!!!!!


Product name: NimNik Baby Carrier Sling
Weight: 449g
Dimensions: 24.1 x 24.1 x 19cm
Maximum weight revommendation: 16.3kg
Colour: Dark Blue

This product has been highly recommended by parents for its comfort as it provides plenty of back support with adjustable strapping allowing the weight to be evenly distributed. It also allows 4 easy to use carry positions (the backpack, face in, face out, hip seat)

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee!

This product has been highly recommended by Amazon customers giving it a rating of 5 star!

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