Don’t despair, there’s lots to do to keep the tots busy on a budget!

imageKeeping the munchkins entertained is as tough as a full time demanding job and I have no doubt that every parent on this planet wholeheartedly agrees!
Above all entertainment doesn’t come cheap!
I was determined to seek a stimulating range of activities for baby girl on a budget!
I was pleasantly surprised with my find! There’s a lot on offer for the little tots if you know where to look and a lot takes place in your neighbourhood.

Here are some of my top tips to help keep the little ones occupied whilst keeping YOU sane!

  • Your locally library is a great starting point! I take baby girl to a weekly singing and story time class which is absolutely free! This is also a great way to meet other mums and for the babies to make friends!
  • The trusty local park is always a great place to take the tots! Most local parks are now equipped with a safe play area that can help while away the time on swings, slides and merry go rounds!
  • Check your local borough website as they usually have a list of free (or a small fee) baby classes that are based in community centres or local schools.
  • Local farms and stables offer a fun day out with interaction with the animals. You don’t need to be living in the sticks to find a local farm as there are many city based locations.
  • When the weather is good, a great day out is to go strawberry and vegetable picking! It’s great fun and you can even come home with your produce and make a healthy meal!
  • Soft play areas are great as they offer a safe, controlled and fun set up! The entrance fee is usually under £5 for you and your child and the session last for an hour.
  • Like baby girl if your little munchkin loves splashing around in the bath, then why not try taking them swimming at your local lido? You need not pay the year membership, but can simply pay as you go. This doesn’t usually cost more than £5-10 a session.
  • Many local cafes host coffee mornings for mums and babies! Go ahead and ask the manager the next time you are having that latte.
  • Museums offer a lot of inspirational and amusing activities for free. The science museum (London) for example has a water theme play area where the young’uns can explore with objects,sounds, shadows and colour.
  • Miss going to the cinema?? You still can with baby in tow! Many cinema houses have a parent and baby screening of the latest releases, which are shown at a lower volume and in more light than usual giving parents cinema time and in a calming environment for the tots.

So don’t despair when you are at a loss of what to do, just keep the above suggestions in mind! Happy days!!! image

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