Do you really need a £60 baby changing bag???

Come on girls, do you really need a £60 baby changing bag???

My baby bag bargain……
Quite literally my first purchase and ultimate bargain!
The mind boggles with the variety of baby bags out there! Truly has become more of a fashion accessory with bags decorated in all sorts of colours, materials, patterns and even bling! It’s easy to forget its actual purpose!
There I found myself in a trusty department store, dumbfounded by the cost of the bags which ranged from £30 to £££! One would think I was about to purchase the latest Chanel range!
With my new found role of a practical parent on a budget I went searching for an affordable baby bag!
Good ole Amazon came to my rescue where I found a fantastic bag at a steal!
For a mere £7.50 I ordered a cutesy giraffe motif brown and yellow baby bag that even my hubby is happy to carry around!
It’s been nearly a year since my purchase and as you can see from the photos, the bag looks as good as new.
A fabulous bargain!

Product detail:
Comes with a changing mat and transparent plastic pocket
Has several zipped and Velcro compartments
Adjustable strap
Weight: 9g Light in weight
Material: waterproof, microfibres (outside), polyester lining
The bag has 8 pockets to hold everything!

Price: £7.50
Ordered from: Amazon
Product name and and Amazon Link: Multifunctional mummy handbag with green giraffe pattern




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