Mamia food pouches only 59p!!

Mamia food pouches only 59p!


Every parent’s food saviour, the food pouch, making meal times that bit more manageable!
When out and about I usually feed baby girl an organic food pouch allowing me to reduce the paraphernalia I have to carry. It’s quick and easy and she loves the different combinations available.
Nonetheless this has proved to be quite costly with each food pouch costing more than £1.40.
Once again Aldi has made my purse feel comfortably full! They sell a Mamia range of food pouches for stage 1 & 2 in both savioury and fruit combinations at only, yes only 59p for 130g!!!!!


3 responses to “Mamia food pouches only 59p!!

  1. What a bargain! Have an Aldi opening up near me soon, can’t wait to stock up! Great blog, handy to see all the current offers in one place. Keep them coming.


    • Hello travelling dad!

      The Mamia food pouches are 100% organic. To give you an example, my daughter is 9 months and I feed her the Mamia stage 2 chicken & vegetable casserole pouch. The ingredients are broken as organic vegetables (56%)- sweet potato, carrot, potato, pea, onion, courgette Organic chicken (12%), water, organic dried spices eg thyme.
      The product is produced in France, using chicken from France.
      The texture is appropriate and encourages chewing.
      I’ve been happy with the product so far.
      Hope this helps.
      Warm regards


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