Pick up a children’s book for less than a £1 at your local charity shop

Pop into your local charity shop for bargains on children’s books!

Like my mum used to, I was keen to start having a routine of reading to baby girl every evening.

All enthused, off I went to Waterstones in the hope of picking up a bag full of fun story books. I was stopped short in my tracks at viewing the extortionate prices which ranged from £6 for a 5 page picture book to several £££ more! Nonetheless, I picked up a copy of my favourite book The Hungry Caterpillar!

Not wanting to disappoint baby girl, I popped into several charity shops on the way home and was thrilled with the books I found! They all had a huge book section with lots of children’s books in excellent condition for as little as 50p!!!!
My charity shop books find have now become a regular routine and baby girl has quite the library!

One good tip is to go after Christmas where you will tend to find a lot of unwanted presents in the form of books and puzzles.

Happy reading!


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