Holiday Tips

With the summer holidays soon approaching and given how dismal the weather has been in Blighty, no doubt many of you are planning to jet off to sunnier pastures!
Having recently travelled to Dubai with baby girl and co, I learnt a lot of tips about travel with a baby which I hope you find useful:

Formula milk:
The rules of carrying formula milk on the aircraft as part of the hand luggage is very confusing and took me a while to get the answer. As a parent, you are allowed to carry the amount of formula milk in sealed bottles that your baby usually feeds on for the duration of the flight and a few spares. The easiest method for me was to carry 3-4 200ml bottles of Aptamil.
We flew British Airways and they were exceptionally accommodating and helped with warming the milk.
I would however recommend contacting the airline before travel to confirm their regulations.

tommee tippee sell presterilised baby bottles for that emergency! I would recommend always keeping one handy in your baby bag!


For long haul flights, one can buy disposable steriler bags. Each bag acts as a self contained steriliser unit lasting 24 hours. These can be pricey, so do shop around. Amazon generally have the best choice and deals.


Once in your desist inaction, if you don’t wish to use the old fashioned and time consuming method of preparing formula milk, we found the best method and reasonably cost effective way of carrying formula milk was to buy litre bottles of formula milk. Once opened they can be used for up to 48 hours as long as it’s refrigerated.
Aptamil and Cow & Gate sell litre bottles.

At the hotel:
Check with the hotel you are staying at if they can supply you with a sterilisation kit saving you the hassle of carrying your own equipment. You will be pleasantly surprised with the range of things they supply! If this is not available, they should be able to supply you with a bucket to use for the sterilisation process.

Most hotels will offer you a cot and do ask that the bedding be changed daily.

Most airlines are very good at taking care of your buggy/pushchair. You are allowed to use the buggy until you reach the gate after which a steward will keep it in the hold. When you arrive at your destination, the buggies are waiting for you in the walkway before you reach the airport.

Happy holiday!!!



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