Pampers vs the nappy world!


Pampers vs the nappy world!


No doubt the costliest essential item you will need to fork out the pounds, for several years to come! The trusty nappy! The saviour of all those messy brown, yellow and sometimes green jobs (we hope!).
When we speak of nappies, Pampers is the first name that comes to mind and with all disregard to other brands I would simply pick up bags of Pampers for baby girl, until one fine day……I was on my last nappy and happened to be in Aldi. I noticed in the baby aisle parents buying several bags of their nappy brand, Mamia! I was so impressed with the price at 8p a nappy, that even I got carried away and stocked up! I also noticed in their packing, a label showing that they had won the mother and baby gold award for the past 2 years!
The verdict! Back home and several messy jobs later, there was no leakage or damp feeling resulting in one happy baby and an even happier Mumma!
The mamia nappy does not have a nappy change indicator, but in my experience one can usually tell when a change is needed.
Needless to say Pampers still remains an very good nappy brand and when there is a special offer, I ensure that it’s added into my shopping basket!

Product details:
Name: Mamia
Price: £3.30 – £3.76
History: won the mother and child Gold awards 2014 & 2015
Sold: In Aldi stores

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