My £30 changing station!

(Please note, this product is now £35.99)

My £30 changing station, otherwise known as Mumma’s back saver!

After a gruelling labour and being out of sorts in the weeks following (no doubt many mums can relate!), my physical abilities resembled that of my great great grandma, I’m guessing! Bending became near to impossible! With just a low bed as a baby changing station, diaper time became a mammoth task and rather painful!

Solution, solution, solution, fear not, Amazon came to our rescue! We found a fabulous, functional, and rather stylish changing station that didn’t break the bank costing only £30!!!
With its many compartments, even my otherwise ultra messy husband was able to keeps things neat and orderly!

It comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble.




Product details:

Product name: Baby changing table unit station.
Weight: 9kg
Product dimensions: 46x79x85cm